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Szczepan Zapotoczny, Professor

Nanoengineering of Functional Polymeric Materials Group
Division of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
Jagiellonian University
Gronostajowa 2
30-387 Kraków, Poland

tel.: +48 12 686 25 30
room: D1-27


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VI 2016 Professor title

II 2012 – now Professor at Jagiellonian University (JU), Faculty of Chemistry, Kraków, Poland

VII 2009 – II 2012 Associate Professor (after habilitation), JU, Faculty of Chemistry, Kraków, Poland
Leader of the research group: Nanoengineering of Functional Polymeric Materials

II 2002 – VI 2009 Assistant Professor (Adiunkt), JU, Faculty of Chemistry, Nanotechnology of Polymers and Biomaterials Group (headed by Prof. Maria Nowakowska)

VII 2005 – VII 2006 Visiting Scientist, Marie Curie Fellowship (Experienced Researcher), University of Twente, Materials Science and Technology of Polymers Group (Prof. Julius Vancso), Enschede, The Netherlands

XI 2001 – II 2002 Assistant, JU

XI 1999 – XI 2001 Postdoc stage at University of Twente, Materials Science and Technology of Polymers Group, Enschede, The Netherlands

X 1995 – IX 1999 Ph.D. in chemistry (with distinction), JU, title of the thesis: Novel polymeric photosensitizes

X 1994 – X 1995 Junior Assistant – teaching stage, JU

X 1989 – V 1994 M.Sc., JU, Faculty of Chemistry, speciality: photochemistry and spectroscopy of polymers


Scietific activities

  • nanostructural polymeric materials for photochemical and biomedical applications
  • polymer brushes as advanced functional platforms
  • multilayer films and capsules prepared using layer-by-layer (LbL) approach
  • polymer microparticles and nanocapsules for controlled drug delivery
  • biocompatible polymer-based and hybrid materials
  • energy/electron transfer processes in the confined environments

Teaching activities

  • Physical chemistry
  • Macromolecular science
  • Microscopisc methods
  • Polymer-based biomaterials




  1. Individual Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding scientific achivements, 2016
  2. 1st prize in national competition Focus lenses in category medical innovations for hybrid antymicrobial material containing silver nanoparticles, 2015
  3. Rector’s Group Awards for the scientific achievements in 2015, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2004, 2002, Jagiellonian University (JU), Kraków, Poland
  4. Medal of the National Education Commission, 2013
  5. Group Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for the publications on polymeric and hybrid micro- and nanostructures, 2011
  6. Rector’s Individual Award for scientific achievements, 2011, JU, Kraków, Poland
  7. Rector’s Individual Award for habilitation, 2010, JU, Kraków, Poland
  8. Scholarship for Young Researchers, Foundation for Polish Science, 2002 and 2003
  9. Scholarship for remarkable scientific achievements, Rector’s Scholarship Fund, JU, 2002/2003
  10. Group Award of the Minister of Education and Sport for the publications on the synthesis and properties of novel photoactive polymeric and supramolecular systems, 2002
  11. Rector’s Award for the PhD thesis, JU, 1999

Other distinctions

  1. Guest editor of Materials, special issue on superparamagnetic materials, 2018
  2. Member of the Scienctific Comitee of ECIS (European Colloid and Interface Society) conference, Ljublana, Slovenia, 2018
  3. Management Committee Member of COST Action CA15114 (Anti-MIicrobial Coating Innovations to prevent infectious diseases <AMICI>), since 2016
  4. Editor of the scientific journal Open Chemistry (De Gruyters Open Publisher), since 2015
  5. Member of Council of the Foundation Pro Chemia, since 2015
  6. Member of the National Cometee for cooperation with European Science Foundation (ESF), 2011–2014
  7. The first poster prize at international conference: Nanomeasure 2010, Kraków, Poland
  8. Member of Scientific Cometeee of 2nd International Symposium on Surface Imaging/Spectroscopy at the Solid/Liquid Interface, Kraków, Poland, Jun 2009
  9. Invited Expert on nanotechnology – SKEP ERA-NET (Scientific Knowledge for Environmental Protection) UE program, 2008
  10. Invited Expert of the National Program Foresight Poland 2020, 2008
  11. Guest editor of the special issue of Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films, Kraków, Jul 2007)
  12. Elected member of the Jagiellonian University Council (Senate) and Faculty of Chemistry Council 2005–2008. Member of the Committee of Prognosis “Poland 2000 Plus” (Committee of Young Scientists) by the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2003



  1. Fusion of core-shell capsules serving as model nanoreactors, Beethoven Classic 3 Grant, NCN, 2018/31/G/ST5/03955, 2020–2023. Project manager (principal investigator)
  2. Polymer capsules based on amphiphilic polymers as chemical microreactors, Preludium Grant, NCN, 2016/23/N/ST5/01563, 2017–2019. Scientific supervisor
  3. Multifunctional polysaccharide nanocapsules as theranostic platforms, Diamond Grant, MNiSW, 2016–2020. Scientific supervisor
  4. Synthesis of donor-acceptor polymer brushes and tuning of their optical and electrical properties, Diamond Grant, MNiSW, 2016–2020. Scientific supervisor
  5. Macromolecular engineering of surface-grafted polymer brushes, TEAM Grant, FNP, TEAM-2016-1/9, 2016–2019. Project manager (principal investigator)
  6. Conjugated polymer nanobrushes – correlation between the molecular structures and their optical and electrical properties, Opus Grant, NCN, 2015/17/B/ST5/00526, 2016–2019. Project manager
  7. Innovative modified nanocellulose wound dressings, Innotech Grant, NCBiR, INNOTECH-K3/IN3/37/228114/NCBR/14. Project manager (at Jagiellonian University)
  8. Biocompatible polymeric nanocapsules as anticancer drug delivery system, Preludium Grant, NCN, 2015/17/N/ST5/01960, 2016–2018. Scientific supervisor
  9. Hybrid adsorbents and sensors of biomarkers containing adenine, NCN Grant, UMO2011/03/B/ST5/01559. Executive
  10. Nanostructural polymeric systems for conversion of solar energy, Ideas Plus Project, MNiSW, IdP2011 000561, 2011–2014. Project manager
  11. Member of the Steering Committee of the European Research Network Precision Polymeric Materials (financed by European Science Foundation), 2011–2015
  12. Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies Society-Technologies-Environment, POKL.04.01.01-00-121/10, EU European Regional Development Fund, 2010–2015
  13. Vascular endothelium in development and curing of lifestyle diseases, POIG.01.01.02-00-069/09, EU European Regional Development Fund, Task 20: Superparamagnetic nanoparticles of iron oxide as contrast agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2010–2014
  14. PolyMed, TEAM Grant, FNP, TEAM/2008-2/6, 2009–2013
  15. New polymeric composites based on biopolymers from plants as binders for foundry sands, MNiSW Grant, N N507 326836, 2009–2013. Executive
  16. Methods of formation of biologically active multilayers containing polyelectrolytes-proteinsdendrimers, MNiSW Grant, N N204 028536, 2009–2012. Executive
  17. Nanostructured ultrathin polymeric films and capsules for biomedical applications, MNiSW Grant, N205 105435, 2008–2010. Project manager
  18. Glas-ceramics biomaterials based on liquation of phospho-silicate glasses, MNiSW Grant, N507 393135, 2008–2010. Executive
  19. Scientific Network: Surfactants and dispersed systems in theory and practice – SURUZ, National Network, MNiSW Grant, 75/E-68/BWSN-0119/2008, 2008–2009
  20. Biopolysurf, Marie Curie Research Training Network, Marie Curie Fellowship for Experienced Researcher, Jul 2005 – Jul 2006
  21. Silicone nanostructures – synthesis and properties, MNiSW Grant, N204 131 32/3320, 2007–2009
  22. Structure, surface properties and pearmability of multilayered polyelectrolyte films for surface modifications and encapsulation of chemical substances, MNiSW Grant, N204 166 31/3734, 2006–2009
  23. Immobilization of polymeric photosensitizers on solid supports using electrostatically-driven selfassembly of polyelectrolytes, KBN Grant, 3 T09A 142 26, 2004–2006. Project manager
  24. Photophysical properties and proton transfer processes in pyrazolo[3,4-b]quinoline and its derivatives, part of the European Project: CALORIE (HPRI-CT-1999-00064) (access to research infrastructure), Laser Centre Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Jul–Sept 2003. Project manager
  25. Studies of the antenna effect in polymeric molecules. Two-photon photolysis of selected organic compounds solubilized in aqueous solution of antenna polyelectrolytes, part of the European Project: CALORIE (HPRI-CT-1999-00064) (access to research infrastructure), Laser Centre Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Aug–Sept 2002. Executive
  26. Polymeric materials from renewable resources – physicochemical rudiments of new technologies, KBN Grant, PBZ-KBN-070/T09/2001/14, 2003–2006
  27. Studies on photochemical stabilization of polymeric micelles in aqueous solutions, KBN Grant, 7 T09A 087 20, 2001–2003. Assistant executive
  28. Ordered polymeric nanostructures – POLYNANO, realized within 5th Framework Programme in the group of professor Julius Vancso (University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands), 2000–2001. Executive
  29. Synthesis and properties of novel polymeric photocatalysts, KBN Grant, 3 T09A 095 15, 1998–1999. Executive